By Stepfanie Romine, for The Sunrise Theatre

As the end of the year approaches, you may be thinking about how you can give back. Supporting the arts is one way to ensure that your donation impacts your community — and it can have a ripple effect that extends far beyond the organization you support.

Here’s the true impact of how your donation benefits not only The Sunrise Theatre but your community as a whole.

  1. You support other local businesses. The national touring shows, comedy acts, country stars and ballets hosted by community theatres attract visitors from other cities and even other states. Those visitors stay in local hotels, dine at nearby restaurants and frequent the area’s unique small businesses. So by supporting the arts, you’re also supporting your neighbors’ small businesses. And, simply by buying a ticket to a performance at The Sunrise Theatre, you invest in your community.
  2. You inspire the next generation of artists. Thanks to The Sunrise Theatre, all artists — dancers, poets, comics, singers, musicians and actors alike — can find inspiration in their own back yard. When they see the community supporting a venue like The Sunrise Theatre, for example, it sends the message that their neighbors and friends also support them. And, you are also helping The Sunrise Theatre’s educational programs, which every year share the arts with thousands of students here on the Treasure Coast.
  3. You solidify Fort Pierce’s reputation as a cultural destination. In the nearly 100 years since The Sunrise Theatre first started, it has become known for drawing major national acts as well as hosting up-and-coming talent. You don’t have to take a weekend trip to Miami or go to New York to experience the arts when you are lucky enough to have The Sunrise Theatre in your hometown. Supporting The Sunrise Theatre ensures your favorite performers continue to play shows in your community.
  4. You preserve a piece of history. The Sunrise Theatre originally opened its doors in August 1923, as the biggest theatre between Miami and Jacksonville. Though it closed 60 years later, it reopened in 2006, having been completely renovated to its original grandeur (but upgraded with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems). Now owned and operated by the City of Fort Pierce, your support helps the Sunrise maintain its splendor as the cultural gem of the Treasure Coast.
  5. You support your own business, too. Partnering with The Sunrise Theatre allows you to reach more potential customers (as well as your existing ones), while supporting a cause that matters to you. Aligning yourself with cultural organizations shows customers that your business values the arts — and it helps support the economy, too. Rising water lifts all boats, so working with The Sunrise Theatre helps the whole community.
  6. You connect with your community — and others.Studies have shown that students who watch live theatre are better able to understand the feelings of others, and watching a play or performance may also promote tolerance and compassion. Continued support of the arts means that students — as well as adults — continue to have access to this valuable art form.
  7. You feel a part of something. There are many ways to give back to the arts. In addition to financial donations and sponsorships, there are volunteer opportunities and memberships. The Sunrise Theatre is a member-supported, volunteer-assisted organization that relies on the help of the local community. Connect with The Sunrise Theatre’s 600 members and more than 200 volunteers and feel like you’re truly a part of something special.

Giving back to The Sunrise Theatre helps this historic venue continue to benefit the economy and quality of life in St. Lucie County. The Sunrise Theatre has an overall economic impact of $32 million every year, creating a solid foundation to ensure a positive, healthy downtown Fort Pierce. And the theatre serves more than 85,000 patrons and guests annually through its cultural programs.

About The Sunrise Theatre

The pristine, beautifully restored, intimate 1,200-seat Sunrise Theatre, located in Historic downtown Fort Pierce, presents national touring Broadway shows, musical and comedy acts, ballet, country stars and classic rock icons.

Also located within the theatre complex is the 220-seat Black Box Theatre, a state-of-the-art venue offering a variety of national, regional and local programming.

Visit the Sunrise Theatre website for a complete listing of confirmed shows and membership information. Or call the Sunrise box office at 772-461-4775.