iLuminate – As Seen on America’s Got Talent

February 02 2019 08:00 pm


Named the best new act in America by “America’s Got Talent,” iLuminate combines music, art and techMain Theatrelogical magic to tell a thrilling story of adventure and romance through dance. Showcasing high-energy dance styles including hip-hop, Latin and break-dancing, this fusion of movement and cutting-edge effects will dazzle kids and adults alike. iLuminate has been featured on “Dancing With the Stars,” “Ellen,” “The American Music Awards” and more. Best for ages 4 and up.

iLuminate applies a seamless combination of techMain Theatrelogy and dance to create a visual display unlike anything ever seen before. The company’s techMain Theatrelogy enables performers, choreographers, engineers, technicians, wardrobe stylists and artistic directors to produce authentic and customized performances that take viewers for an exhilarating ride.

The show incorporates dancers of all genres, spanning ballet, jazz, contemporary, to hip hop, popping and locking and B-boying. iLuminate’s electrifying, glow-in-the-dark suits are controlled by wireless lighting programs and created to perform specialized and choreographed dances and illusions on a fully darkened stage.

Don’t miss this pheMain Theatremenal experience, completely unique to iLuminate’s brand and incomparable to any other dance show.

“iLuminate is an exhilarating event for the entire family.”
– Macaronikid

“For a comic book adventure come to life iLuminate is the show that will rock your world Main Theatre matter what language you speak.”
-Times Square Chronicles

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