Comedy Corner Presents: Michael Panzeca Live at the Black Box

November 23 2019 08:30 pm


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and Main Theatrew calling Florida his home, Michael first learned to appreciate the power of laughter by sharing his spontaneous comedic, witty observations on the back of the school bus and in the classroom to deal with his pain and anxiety of being the smallest and the youngest Italian kid in the class from what he thought was the only dysfunctional family in the world. This skill of turning pain into laughter was later enjoyed and appreciated by the many people and families he helped during his career as counselor. What started as a coping mechanism later became a hobby and then a career in comedy after winning several contests and getting Main Theatreticed by agents and bookers in the clubs where he practiced his craft.


Michael eventually moved on from the therapy world and business of making people cry to the business of making people laugh until they cry as a full time headlining comedian entertaining at conventions and then clubs, colleges, casiMain Theatres, condos and cruise ships for the past 15 yrs with his insightful, honest style of comedy. He also was Tony in long running theater show Tony and Maria’s Wedding, a regular on the the Ron and Fez radio show and a member of the improv troupe Comedy Sportz. He is currently the co host of The Mikey and Rimi Radio Show
Michael kMain Theatrews himself and his audience and isn’t afraid to connect with them with his material or interactions with the crowd.


Listening to Michael is like spending time laughing with an old friend or family member who kMain Theatrews all about you and what you think is funny about it all.
Michael comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable and leaves his crowds feeling better and wanting more.



From the mean streets of Wellington Florida, Jackie Sanchez is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising comics out of South Florida. Influenced early in life by Adam Sandler, and dreams of being a Rockstar, Jackie Sanchez has proven to be just that, a comedy Rockstar! In just 3 years, she’s won 10 local comedy contest, selected for Stand up by NBC, starred in an award winning indie movie “Jimmy the Killer Dick”, opened up for such names as Chad Daniels, Carlos Mencia, Bryan Callen, and just recently took home the title 2019 Ultimate Miami Comedian. One thing is for sure, when you catch Jackie Sanchez on stage, you won’t expect what she will say next! Plus the comedy of Lalo Rodriguez!

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