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Comedy Corner Presents:

Will Marfori / Adam Murray
Brought to you by Casey Peruski and Spaz!
Saturday, January 13 at 8:30pm, Black Box, Tickets: $15/$20 at door

CBS Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Sirius/XM, Carnival Cruise Challenge Winner, Finalist in the World Series of Comedy and Las Vegas Comedy Festival, nominated APCA College Comedian of the year!

Will Marfori is a working stand up comedian in the United States of America. Will is very proud that he is working, many of his fellow American’s are not, so he considers that something of a miracle Will has appeared on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and is a regular on Sirius/XM Satellite radio. Performing at comedy clubs, colleges, and cruise ships, Will tours almost 50 weeks a year all around the world.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Will never felt like he fit in, until he walked on stage for the first time in 1999. He started doing comedy in Norfolk, Virginia while attending Old Dominion University. He entered a stand up comedy contest for the student body and won. He was hooked, Will finally found a vehicle for expressing his thoughts and feelings about his CP, family, and life. Poking fun at his situation was empowering and it felt good to share his comedy with other people. Will continued to finish his degree, for his Mom, but secretly knew he wanted to be a comedian. Finally all his flaws became assets and his differences became strengths.

Will got his first showcase for the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), the largest association of Colleges and Universities in the country. He got a standing ovation and booked a year long college tour all over the southeast. It was apparent that Will was not going to be able to keep his day became a comedian full-time

Will recorded his first album Are You One of Them Slow People, produced by Sonny Fox of XM radio. He participated in the World Series of Comedy, the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, and in won the Carnival Comedy Competition for Carnival Cruise lines

Will lived in NYC, well actually Hoboken NJ, he could see the Empire State building from his house, and loved it. New York is a place where being a comic is an actual profession. He performed all over the city Carolinas on Broadway, Comic Strip Live, and the IMPROV.

In 2007 Will made his first TV appearance on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Also heard on Sirius/XM, Carnival Cruise Challenge Winner, Finalist in the World Series of Comedy and Las Vegas Comedy Festival, nominated APCA College Comedian of the year and much more!

Now Will is the father of two little boys and he continues to tour regularly. This shy guy, who was always awkward and different. has somehow continued to make people laugh with his brand of humor. An original, intelligent voice in a chorus of stand up comedy, Will’s joke writing and wit stands him apart from the others. Somehow a man with cerebral palsy can relate to the rest of us and make us laugh at our flaws. It is okay to laugh at yourself, it is actually a dignified thing to do, because I am no better than everyone else. Laughter is the best medicine and a necessary experience in today’s world. It was always the Jester who could get away with telling the truth. See him live like never before at the Sunrise Theatre Black Box Saturday Jan 13th at 8:30!


Disheveled. Gangly. Lazy. Hairy. Bumbling. Clumsy. Bizarre. These are just a few words to describe comedian Adam Murray. Hold on while this cab drivers chauffeurs you through a journey filled with anecdotes, jokes, and witty observations. Much like reading someone’s personal journal, you’ll get an intimate look inside Adam’s life, and see what makes him tick. He talks about family, friends, personal experiences, and what ADT was like in 1876, because he’s topical. Adam’s good looks have gotten him on Disney Channel’s “Game On”, FOX’s “Good Morning Orlando,” and “The Daily Buzz” morning talk show. Adam has also been in numerous movies, including “Pawnz” and “Dutch Book.

With such a recognizable look, and sharp sense of humor, there is no doubt Adam Murray will soon be a household name across America. So find yourself a babysitter, put on your finest attire, and come see this Florida native before he’s too busy to play in a town near you!!

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