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Amazing Grace Ballet Theatre, Inc Presents:
Tour de Paris
Saturday, June 9 at 6pm, Tickets: $20 (VIP) / $15

Come and celebrate all things Parisian as our spectacular ballet presentation takes you on a tour of this magnificent city! We will visit the Louvre Museum where you will see the paintings of Mona Lisa, Degas’ Ballet Dancers, and the statue of Degas’ Tiny Dancer come to life. The scrumptious Macarons and Bonbons will be the favorite sweet treats at the bakery. We will visit the café where the hilarious waiters are spinning and flipping to get food out to their diners.

Joan of Arc and Esmeralda along with her sweet friend, Quasimodo, the hunchback, perform at Notre Dame. We will have a thrilling adventure with our Ratatouille friends as they hunt for cheese. What would any Parisian show be without adorable pink poodles?! We will close out our tour of Paris with a masquerade at the Opera Garnier where the Phantom of the Opera first debuted.

That same evening we will be presenting: 100 Years of Truth! A tribute to God’s faithful servant, Reverend Billy Graham. We will celebrate his life with legendary songs and worshipful dance.

This will be a special time of dance to reflect on the songs that
Billy Graham loved, including the six songs he chose for his exit from earth to his glorious new home in heaven.